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Meet Kathy

Dream Resuscitator | Work/Life Balance Specialist

Kathy Mela helps accomplished women leaders who are completely stressed out and exhausted, learn to pivot, lessen their load and love their life again!

Her mission is to empower women to know their true value and step IN to their powerful, feminine leadership towards creating a win-win world with NO ONE left out!

She has uncovered the #1 truth about leadership after working with hundreds of healthcare leaders over her 45 year career.


Through brain science and mental fitness, she guides executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs to great clarity, confidence and courage, helping them identify the patterns that hold them back from being a more purposeful, powerful, brilliant leader.

Kathy brings a level of expertise and understanding second to none. She is changing the way leadership is approached, accepted, and executed. Her speaking style is filled with truth and compassion which allows her audience to feel seen, heard, and empowers them to create a positive, transformative experience.

About Kathy

What I Specialize In


How much would you give to sit across from an expert who has trained and helped women just like you to get Clear, Overcome Their Obstacles and Take Action to Achieve Their Dream Goals? 

"Kathy showed me that flying

FULLY in the face of fear

is the MOST powerful thing you can do."

- Karen Moser

aka K.D.Alden, Author

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 9.20_edited.jpg

- Sandra Campbell

"After working with Kathy I am now a woman that knows my purpose I say NO unapologetically I trust myself to make decisions I am no longer afraid of the unknown!!!"

- Pia Ixchel

Mindset Reset Coach

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For decades I’ve seen women leaders who knew their dreams & desires, STILL live an UNFULFILLED Life! 

They often reach family/professional goals yet STILL feel like there is something missing! 

My deep desire for YOU is to Stop putting yourself on the back burner & START reaching your goals. The KEY is to learn HOW to put your Dreams Into Action! This 1-Hour Strategy Session will give you clarity, confidence and courage to take YOUR Next Right Step towards YOUR goals.  


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