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People Leave Leaders, Not Jobs

Being a Leadership Expert & Recovering Perfectionist, I’ve been thinking about what frustrates and what creates the most overwhelm for successful leaders.

It’s The Pressure

The pressure from the increasing rapid-fire change in our world AND the rampant employee disengagement.

In its State Of The Global Workplace report, Gallup concludes that “85% of employees are not actively engaged or (are) actively disengaged at work.” This means that only 15% of employees are actively engaged. Sep 13, 2022

This disengagement leads to decreased productivity & efficiency as well as the ongoing downward spiral of employee satisfaction….which leads to lower Key Performance Indicators and impacts profits, customer satisfaction, and C Suite expectations.

We cannot control the rapid fire change but we can strive to improve employee engagement.

Here’s the blunt, uncensored truth for leaders in 2021: Shit Runs Down Hill.

Let me explain:

It’s not your team, it’s your leadership style.

Yes, I said it. It’s the cold hard truth that I’ve uncovered working with hundreds of leaders over the course of my 40+ year career in healthcare.

Let’s look at how you operate as a leader.

Most leaders I’ve worked with are self-sabotaging their team’s efforts without realizing it by striving for perfection.

I hear you…you are probably thinking “what is wrong with perfection?”

Perfectionism can actually be quite dangerous.

Do you end your work day feeling stressed out because you believe “if you want it done right…you have to do it yourself”?

Do you consistently miss deadlines yet feel it’s not your fault?


Many of the leaders I work with struggle with similar experiences of being caught in the perfection trap!

These behaviors may seem insignificant yet these small, easily tweaked patterns have severe consequences on the morale, engagement, and performance of your team.

Earlier I mentioned that 8 out of 10 employees are disengaged.

Did you know that another 80% are looking or open to new opportunities?

Coincidence? I think not.

People leave leaders, not jobs.

That’s where I come into play:

Through my proven system, Dream Into Action Blueprint, I guide amazing, talented leaders (like yourself) towards greater clarity, confidence and courage to level up your leadership in a way that brings you more fulfillment, flexibility and enjoyment in life!

I get fired up when I get to show highly successful executives, leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to shift from living a life by default to actively engaging in a life by design. This shift in mindset brings improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, and a higher level of satisfaction.

I want you to be the powerful, effective leader you were meant to be with a rockstar team where everyone feels appreciated, engaged, & heard AND they are willing to go to bat for each other every single time.

If this resonates with you, let’s chat. You can schedule a convenient time at

Teal is My Deal

Go Be Amazing

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